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The 2015 GOP District 11 Convention was held on April 25, at Pisgah High School, in Canton, NC.

The Macon County GOP delegation to the 11th Congressional District Convention on April 25 in Canton was one of the largest there, with 26 delegates. We also had three members of the Macon County Teenage Republicans (TARS) with us, and they were introduced on stage to the convention body. Congressman Mark Meadows spoke about the importance of faithfully representing the people of this district, which at times means going against party leadership, and he encouraged us to get on Twitter (even if we have grey hair) so we can better influence the political dialogue for the 2016 elections.

The business of the convention included adopting the Plan of Organization and resolutions. Candidates (or their representatives) for state GOP offices, asked for our support at the upcoming state convention. Representatives for Ted Cruz and Ben Carson also spoke.
District GOP officers were elected for two-year terms. David Sawyer was re-elected Chairman, and Matt Wechtel was elected First Vice Chair. More information about the 11th District Committee can be found at



The 2015 Macon County GOP Convention
was held on March 14th

This years convention featured Macon County Teenage Republicans (TARS), and the keynote speech was given by Nick Vaughn, past president of NC Teenage Republicans and a student at Wingate University. A slide show of the event is shown below. Congressman Mark Meadows paid a surprise visit to the convention, which was attended by more than 80 delegates, elected officials, visitors, and the press.

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Congratulations Ashley!

Ashley Welch was sworn in on January 1st as the new District Attorney for the 30th Prosecutorial District, at the Macon County Courthouse. Pictured (L-R) District Attorney Ashely Welch, Superior Court Judge Bill Coward (30A Judicial District) and Brian Welch, Ashley's husband. Ashley is the first woman and the first Republican to hold this position in the 30th District. (Photo courtesy of Macon Media)

For more on the story click here: Asheville Citizen-Times Story



This video gives a perspective on democracy in the U.S. is worth watching and thinking about:




Election Day was a great day for our Country and a great day for Macon County!

Thank you Volunteers, and thank you Voters!


Tailgate Party - October 9, 2014

Indeed, the MC GOP knows how to party! Ten crock pots of amazing chili all gone....140 hot dogs gone...a gorgeous huge, sheet cake eaten to the last crumb...

Congressman Meadows led the charge to fight the next 25 days to secure a win!

Individuals donated the food and all the trimmings for our rally, leaving us with more means to get the message out in radio and print ads.

And the MC GOP did not feed the crowd free food prior to the football game on the 9th, taking money away from the FHS booster club!


Candidarte Party
Some 150 conservative voters/voices crowded into the MC GOP HQ last night to support our NC Senator Jim Davis and soon to be DA, Ashley Welch.
What a super night. We raised the roof, raised money and rallied for two of our own.


TARs in Macon County
Members of the new Macon County Teenage Republicans (TARS) Chapter attended the September GOP Executive Board Meeting

A tribute to one of our heroes...Senator Bob

Sen. Carpenter Bldg.


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