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Welcome to the Macon County, NC Republican Party


Election Day was a great day for our Country and a great day for Macon County!

Thank you Volunteers, and thank you Voters!


Tailgate Party - October 9, 2014

Indeed, the MC GOP knows how to party! Ten crock pots of amazing chili all gone....140 hot dogs gone...a gorgeous huge, sheet cake eaten to the last crumb...

Congressman Meadows led the charge to fight the next 25 days to secure a win!

Individuals donated the food and all the trimmings for our rally, leaving us with more means to get the message out in radio and print ads.

And the MC GOP did not feed the crowd free food prior to the football game on the 9th, taking money away from the FHS booster club!


Candidarte Party
Some 150 conservative voters/voices crowded into the MC GOP HQ last night to support our NC Senator Jim Davis and soon to be DA, Ashley Welch.
What a super night. We raised the roof, raised money and rallied for two of our own.


If you have not heard this Bill Whittle speech to the David Horowitz Freedom Center, we suggest you invest the time (about 15 minutes). Let's find a presidential candidate in 2016 with the passion and courage to talk like this.


TARs in Macon County
Members of the new Macon County Teenage Republicans (TARS) Chapter attended the September GOP Executive Board Meeting


How to Speak Leftist


Labor Day Parade

September 1st was a great day to be a Republican marching in the Canton Labor Day Parade. We were greeted by enthusiastic cheers all along the parade route...

Jim Davis led the way walking the parade route....he was followed by Ashley Welch, riding in style in a '57 black Chevy convertible. Ashley was surrounded 25 supporters parading in Ashley t-shirts. Bringing up the end was Mike Clampitt with Macon County Republicans riding on Mike's fire truck.

What an impressive entourage! Altogether, some 35 positive folks spreading the names of great candidates.


Labor Day Parade 2

Labor Day Parade 3

Labor Day Parade 4

When Ashley Welch wins, she will be the first Republican and the first woman to EVER hold the DA's seat in NC 's 30th prosecutorial district.


Interns at HQ

Our new high school interns...Lili Vitale (R) and Mackenzie Herman (L) ....working hard on our new fundraising campaign! Thanks ladies!


Macon GOP Participated in the Franklin Heritage Festival on July 19

Vince West

Vince West (pictured above) Vice Chair of the Macon County Republican Party, Howard and Kathy Flett, Dwight Vinson, Susan Phillips, Kathy Hildreth, Valerie and Paul Niskanen and Gary Shields battled steady rain to present the best possible face to the Franklin Folk Festival this weekend. In keeping with the mountain heritage theme, the Republicans presented a historical look at generations of Macon County Commissioners. In addition, the GEMS gave away "old fashioned" candy and tiny gem stones in remembrance of our mountain gem heritage. The MC GOP also gave away about 250 bottles of water to thirsty festival attendees. We've enjoyed a summer of participation in our local festivals and garnered much good will along the way. Thank you Vince West for organizing and leading EVERY step of the way on this one.


A tribute to one of our heroes...Senator Bob

Sen. Carpenter Bldg.


NC conservative judge candidate "look a likes" marched to continuous applause in the Franklin July 4th parade. The response to conservatism was amazing!

Conservative Judges

Judges in Parade 2


Listen to what Vice President Biden said about Iraq in 2010



The Macon County GOP participated in the 2014 Franklin Scottish Frestival on June 14. Click here to see photos: 2014 Scottish Festival



The 2014 North Carolina GOP State Convention was held June 6-9 at Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort. Nearly 700 Delegates and Alternates from across the State attended, including 14 from Macon County. Click here to see photos from the event (and check back as additional photos may be added):
Convention Photos


Is The President Above The Law?



All Republicans Rock, But Some Boogie Woggie...



The 11th District of the North Carolina GOP held its 2014 convention at the Tuscola High School, in Waynesville, on April 26th. Many of us caravanned with car windows painted "Macon County GOP" and met other members of our delegation at the school.

To the awesome members of our delegation:  THANK YOU FOR GIVING UP YOUR SATURDAY! The gift of time is never to be underestimated.  

Not only were we the largest delegation at the convention, we even received a "shout out"  from Congressman Meadows for our SPIRIT.  

Congressman Meadows awarded Harold Corbin a letter and plague commemorating his exemplary life of service.   The words on the plague were read into the US Congressional Record by Congressman Meadows.

The entire assembly also approved  a resolution to name public buildings, streets, bridges, etc.throughout the 17 counties of District 11 in honor of the late Senator Robert Carpenter.  Ms. Helen Carpenter was in attendance and she, too, was acknowledged by the entire assembly.  

It was a great day to be a Republican from Macon County!

Congressman Meadows
Congressman Mark Meadows addressed the 11th District Convention




April 1st was a beautiful day for the Grand Opening of our new HQ. Some 65 folks celebrated the awesome new space and all it has to offer.

Ms. Helen Carpenter and Mr. Harold Corbin officially cut the ribbon to open the HQ.

Kevin Corbin presented Ms. Helen Carpenter with a beautiful picture/plaque representing all the accomplishments of the late Senator Bob. He also announced the renaming of the Community Building, "The Carpenter Community Center," The new plaque will hang permanently at the community building in Senator Bob's honor.

The HQ is now open for business Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10-3 and Tuesday from 12-5.

Grand Opening of HQ


A Republican Candidate Forum was held on March 29th at 2:00 PM at the Community Building on Hwy. 441 in Franklin. Some 110 energized citizens, many new faces, gathered at the newly named "Carpenter Community Building" to listen to candidates present their views for the upcoming 2014 election.

Judge Eric Levenson from Raleigh, Candidate for NC Supreme Court, representatives for candidates, Southern and Alexander, NC Senator Jim Davis and candidates for 8 other district and local races spoke. While the entire event was spirited, the candidates and the audience were courteous and passionate as the views were presented and questions asked with total civility! It was a great day as Macon County Republicans prepare to go into the upcoming primary better informed to chose our winners in 2014. A slideshow from the event is given below.


Macon County GOP Convention 2014

Saturday, March 15th was a great day to be a Republican in Macon County! Some 160 energized Republican delegates CROWDED into the Community Building for our annual convention. The standing room only crowd came to its feet as The Blue Ridge sang God Bless America and One Nation.

The crowd came to its feet again in honor of Rich and Cate Robb who received special awards for many years of outstanding service to our community and our party. Congressman Meadows awarded Rich a letter that was read into the Congressional Record on Rich's 90th birthday, Jan. 19th, and a US flag flown over the US Capitol on the same day. Senator Jim Davis awarded Rich 2 letters, one signed by the President Pro Tem of the NC Senate and another from Senator Davis himself. Representative Roger West also acknowledged Rich with a letter and a NC flag that flew over Raleigh on Rich's birthday. Lastly, Sheriff Holland acknowledged Cate with a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers. Well done for two most deserving and loved Republicans!

Our hometown favorite Congressman Meadows delivered a stirring challenge to "keep the faith" using a story from the War of 1812. If you were not there, please ask someone to tell you the story Mark told about Fort McHenry. Justice Martin ignited the crowd with his strong appeal for conservative values. What an amazing opportunity for us to get to know the next Chief Justice of the NC Supreme court.


Click Here to see more photos from the convention: Convention Photos



Ashley Welch Announces Candidacy for District Attorney

NOVEMBER 18, 2013
353 Carolina Mountain Drive PMB #134
Franklin, North Carolina 28734
NC State Bar ID# 31591

At the November 16th Macon County Republican General Meeting, Assistant District Attorney
Ashley Welch announced her candidacy for the Office of District Attorney, 30th Prosecutorial
District, in the 2014 election. The 30th District consists of the following counties: Macon,
Swain, Clay, Cherokee, Graham, Haywood and Jackson.

Welch has been a North Carolina Assistant District Attorney for over a decade and has been in
the 30th District since May of 2005. She has a strong record of successful prosecutions and is
currently assigned to prosecute major felony cases in the seven counties of the District.

Welch is endorsed by Macon County Sheriff Robert L. Holland, Swain County Sheriff Curtis
Cochran, and numerous other Law Enforcement Officers.

Welch is a Western North Carolina native and has resided in Macon County since 2005. She is
married to Western North Carolina native Brian Welch. She is a graduate of William and Mary
School of Law, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and East Henderson High School.

Welch completed the National District Attorneys Association Career Prosecutor Course and the
North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys Capital Prosecutors School.

Welch received a Drug Enforcement Administration Certificate of Appreciation For Outstanding
Contributions in the Field of Drug Law Enforcement in 2011 and a North Carolina State Bureau
of Investigation Letter of Appreciation in 2012.


From time to time photos from this page may be moved to our Archive Photo Album. To view these images, click: Archive Photo Album.



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